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    How to add a countersunk bolt connector??

    Dominic Baker
      Hi there,
      I am analysing an assembly with countersunk screws. The normal bolts in the assembly have nice planar surfaces to apply the load to etc However there are several countersunk bolts that have a conical seal obviously, but the cosmos does not like that when you solve the analysis and keeps coming up with errors. I have been selecting the outer edge of the countersunk hole and defining a bolt head diameter.

      If I cheated and filled in the countersinks the material would be thicker and give false results.

      Any ideas on how to make it solve a countersunk bolt connector.

      Many thanks

      Dom B
        • How to add a countersunk bolt connector??
          SolidWorks Corp
          Hi Dom, CW2007 doesn't allow c'sunk hole selection for Bolt Connectors. You already figured out one work-around, attaching the Connector to the flat face just beyond the c'sink. However, if you are that concerned about local results, you may want to physically model in all or a portion of the bolt (no threads) and use no penetration contact to get a more reliable local response. Your call but when I hear that the ommission of a feature like the c'sink cone can invalidate local results, I tend to think a Bolt Connector may not be the way to go in that spot either.

          You may be able to model a portion of the bolt for the cone contact and tie the cut face of the shank to the rest of the model with a link, spring, or rigid Connector.

          Good luck!