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    Cursor accuracy completely out!

    Oli Sparrow

      Hi all,


         I think this is a known issue from what I've seen, but as yet can see no fix for it.


         Brief:  Almost exclusively in Assemblies:  Every now and then I'll be building an assembly and mating components, when two things happen.  Firstly when I zoom in and out the model display will disappear and reappear with each rolling click of the mouse wheel, showing only the vertex points.  Once this has happened in a particular file it will keep on doing this through a refresh, rebuild, save and open again, computer shut down and restart etc..


         Pics attached to illustrate.



         Secondly, something that appears with this problem occasionally is that the position of hte cursor on screen, and what it actually selects just get completely out of whack.  See image attached 'cursor issue.jpeg'.  When I selected the vertex highlighted blue my mouse cursor was actually in the top right hand portion of the screen where no geometry is displayed.


         If anyone has a fix or suggestions they'd be welcome.  We're due an upgrade to sw 2014 early in January so maybe that will sort it out for me?


         Before any suggests it, my GFX card is suitable for Solidworks (doesn't allow Realview but that's a separate issue!)




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          John Burrill

          Oli, turn on SoftWare OpenGL and then re-open the file and try to reproduce this specific issue.

          If you can't then your GTX card (when was the last time nVidia had a card called GTX?) is not as suitable as it once was.   The problem could be a recent driver update broke your cards level of compatibility or a recent Windows update that affected your video cards driver support.  It could also be a hardware issue-that the video card is starting to overheat.

          It could also be that display management utilities-such as nView, that display switcher by logitech, or some widget to play slide shows in your task bar is causing problems for the 3D pipeline.  In particular, look at software that's supposed to help manage your cursor and dipslay splitting in a multi-monitor environment

          If you can, then I'd check to see if you have perspective view enabled-which can result in camera clipping if you're zoomed in too close with a long lens.

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            Gord Thomson

            Hi Oli,


                 Hopefully you have your issue resloved by now, I thought I would post this in case others run into the same thing. I'm running SW 2013 and had this same thing happen for the first time a couple of weeks ago. At first it was just the display disapearing during the zoom which I had atributed to a slow computer, then the cursor accuracy went haywire as you explained. After alot of digging I found that if I selected one of the view orientations (front, top, side etc) both problems went away. I just reconfirmed this today I had the same issue with only the display disappearing during zoom, and sure enough the selection of a preset view orientation solved the issue.

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                Oli Sparrow



                   I haven't had the issue since but will try this next time.  I also have an occasional issue with zooming in and out with my 3D mouse, where the display will flicker and the model disappear at alternate zoom increments.  This also seems to be solved the same way as the cursor issue. I guess it effectively resets the display pane?