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    Populating dwgs with tolerances from models

    David Paribello

      Hi, is there a way to populate the tolerances in a dwg based on what is marked in the 3D model without dimensioning the entire dwg? 


      We have been given some redlines back from our manufacturer and want to ensure these changes are reflected in the model as well as the drawing(s), however do not want to have to enter them in twice.


      e.g. We want to dimension a circular boss in the model like,  r = 3.20 +/- 0.01

      When I go to create the drawing, I want to be able to click on the boss and dimension it based on the tolerances I marked in the model.



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          Jeni Mann

          Hi David,


          Hoping I understand your need correctly:


          Provided you bring in the dimensions from the model (via Insert> Model Items> from Selected Feature)... or they came in with the model view.Then you can select all these dimensions and tick the box in the Properties> Tolerance Precision that says 'Link precisions with model'


          Rebuild and they are in the drawing. I have just tested again to make sure this worked for me.

          The way to check which ones will work is the 'D1@sketch' are OK, but the 'RD1@sketch' are references of a sort.


          If you have manually added the dimensions in the drawing I'm not sure the best way to go about that sorry.