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    Move from AutoCad to Solidworks

    Nugie Virgiano

      Dear all,




      I am working at Furniture Company and slowly in the future I am planning to move from AutoCad to Solidworks.  After watching some tutorial from youtube, using Solidworks always starting with creating parts but when I am working, I always create design first in full item drawing and then produce 3D and also the parts component drawings.








      Question is, can Solidworks accomodate my working system?


      Please advise.


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          Joe Kuzich



          I think it can, but SW will be considerably different from AutoCAD.  Trying to keep with your process, you might try sketching out your 2D sketches on the appropriate plane in an assembly.  Plan view on the top plane, Front elevation on the front plane, etc.  Then create the parts so they are tied to those sketches.  If you change the sketches the parts will adjust.  You can still pull the parts out and dimension/detail them on the drawings for production.


          Good luck

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            Jeff Mirisola


            There are ways to do what you wish to do. For instance, if you wanted to design a new couch, you can create what you envision the final product to look like. From there, you can break it out into various pieces and better define how those pieces are to be constructed.

            Another way would be to create what is called a skeleton sketch, define overall size and shape of the end product. From there you would start creating the parts in relation to the skeleton sketch.

            Hope this helps.