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Parts allow parts to be unfolded in the configurations but not assembly?

Question asked by Patrick Brown on Dec 19, 2013
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Hello again..


now I'm just playing around with a project and have a question about configurations


when I'm in a part I can have two configurations one folded, one unfolded... no problem.. flick between the two and it unfolds.. ok...


now I want to be able to make an assembly using many parts which I'll want to be able to unfold them all ...   (without having to go and drilldown into the part feature tree... )


now I've managed to get it sort of working.. but in truth it's more through luck than judgement... so the question I have is



how should I achieve this... ???


there seams to be an order i need to do things.. and i've done it once.. and for the life of me now cant do it again.. (and i've even managed to not make it tally with my configuration names my flattened one is rolled up and vise versa...





now i've added it as a zip... and like i said this is a test of a larger project so dont hammer me about defined sketches (unless thats whats stopping me... Eeek)