Dietmar Rempfer

Will SW become Windows-compatible soon?

Discussion created by Dietmar Rempfer on Dec 31, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2007 by Andrew Carter
Is there any word as to whether, at least with the upcoming Vistaversion, Solidworks will finally adhere to Windowscompatibility requirements? I have just installed SW 2006 SP5.1,and I had a hell of a time modifying the installation to teachSolidworks to run for a Limited User account. Frankly, Ithink it is an outright scandal for any major software developer tocontinue selling products for Windows that violate compatibilityguidelines that have been out for about a decade now. Heck, evenAutoDesk has by now managed to sell Windows-compatiblesoftware...

So, now that Microsoft finally sets up user accounts as LimitedAccounts by default in Vista (the way they should always have beenset up, by the way), will SolidWorks provide software that canactually run for such users?