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SolidWorks World Top Ten list: Now open for Voting!

Discussion created by Salih Alani Employee on Dec 19, 2013

Hi everyone,


Idea creation is now complete.  We are excited by the number of Idea submissions for the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list. This year; we have the most submissions ever!


Now’s the time to vote for Ideas that will make it to the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten List. When voting, you are allowed to up or down vote as many ideas as you like. Voting will close on Wednesday, January 15, 2014. You can vote by clicking on the respective arrow next to the Idea title.






Although down voting is available, it does not count against the total score for each Idea.  If you down vote an Idea, please leave a comment explaining the reason for your down vote.  For example, an Idea may be detrimental to your daily workflow.  In that case, simply leave a comment on the Idea saying how it would disrupt your workflow.


Let’s see which Ideas will make it to the Top Ten and presented at SolidWorks World 2014 General Session on Wednesday 1/29/2014.


Please click [HERE] to go to the Ideas area and cast your vote! Also you can click [HERE] to watch a video on how to cast your vote.


Best Regards,


Salih Alani