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    Problems With Static Analysis.

    Chris Charlwood
      I am having problems when I model a static analysis upon a designthat is made out of three different extruded parts (each withdifferent material properties).

      The design itself consists of an outer ring (a rubber tire), aninner ring (the solid wheel) and plastic supports inbetween.

      When I run the analysis on Cosmos, the deflection of the tire doesnot take into account either of the center elements (i.e. the wheeland supports) and the rubber tire deforms right through both ofthem.

      I have tried using "Contact gaps" but it has made nodifference.
      I am using Solidworks 2006 SP4.1 and the latest SP of COSMOSWorks.

      Thank you for any help.


      P.S. The Solidworks file can be found here.
      P.P.S. A picture of the "tweel" can be found here.
        • Problems With Static Analysis.
          Peter Gillespie
          Hey, I recognize that tire! Great idea, I hope it becomes mainstream.

          Anyway, it looks like your spokes (for lack of better word) and outer ring are not connected. Are they molded together in reality? If so, you are going to want to go back and remove the tiny gap that exists between the spokes and outer ring. If they are supposed to be separate entities, then you probably want to try a Component Contact for that outer tire (so you don't have to set the individual supports). But the problem still remains that they are not actually touching. I am not sure if it is in Component Contact or Contact Pair that you can set "Ignore small gaps" or something like that to get around changing your supports, but i would make the supports actually touch the tire.