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Custom Property issue when created in Title Block

Question asked by Brian McEwen on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by Brian McEwen

In short: A model-based custom property that is initiated in the drawing becomes decoupled from the property with the same name in the model.


I set up a dynamic Title Block in our recent drawing templates.  You can double click within the title block region and edit certain Custom Properties that are in the model from the drawing.


The problem is some of the custom prop we use now do not exist in the old models. For example "CheckedBy" ($PRPSHEET:"CheckedBy") was not included in the default custom properties of old parts and assemblies. 


If you create a new drawing for an old part, and go into the dynamic title block and type in a value for CheckedBy you seem to create a parallel universe.  The CheckedBy prop works fine in the drawing, but it does not show up in the part.  It only seems to exist behind the scenes within the dynamic title block.  If you add CheckedBy to the part after you type it in the drawing then the values are unrelated.  (CheckedBy does not pop into the drawing as a drawing based property either) Once you have done it there seems to be no way to get the property on the drawing to point to the model property.    


Is there a way around this?  A different setup for the templates? 




SolidWorks 2012