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Handling large workflows-any reccomendations?

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2013 by Lawrence Kiefer

I have created several work lows that have grown quite large. The design ECO workflow could easily split into three seperate workflows that would be linked together with workflow transitions. The ECO Request Approval tree is complex as the document has to be sent to different departments for approval based on whether their department was listed on the ECO card. How have other EPDM Admins handled large workflows?




ECO Request Approval workflow

ECO execution workflow

ECO Complete Approval workflow



ECO Request Approval workflow- this will be similar to the ECO Complete approval workflow which I have not created as of yet.

ECO Approval.JPG


ECO Execution Workflow


ECO Approval.JPG


The complete workflow as it exist today.