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Dicession for job

Question asked by Justin John on Dec 19, 2013
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Gud even to all..


I have a big confutation  in my Professional  carrier .Because   i have been 5 + years working Exp in solid works But now i am working in a medium scale industry.Thay are SPM machine manufacturer But thay are using me but they didnt give better pay for me .so nw i deside and searching a better job .But i am searching there i did identify a problem most of the reputed companys are using other tools Like ( catia,UG).so they are inviting me for that tool .But i am not intersted in that tool and i got a confutation also ..


my ..


  macine design,

   part design

   Assy Design


   Sheetmetal Design...


  now Wat can i Deside for this ..Solidworks Having Many Grouth oh ...

   If any one have a operchunity in ur concern kindly give the feedback...

   I am expecting a challanging job and i can work hard for that job...