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    How to Dimensionalize This Free-Form Aerofoil Shape?

    Matthew Soole

      Hi guys,


      Before I start, I'd like to say that I'm a huge novice with SolidWorks and have had to learn it in a really short amount of time, so bear with me!


      I've designed a model aerofoil (chord length 100mm) with variable angle flaps for use in a wind tunnel, the aerofoil is created from the NACA-2412 coordinates however, as I have split it up into 3 parts, the main part, the flap and an insert. I have used the spline tool to split it up.


      I need to submit comprehensive technical drawings to a metals workshop, but I'm stuck on how to dimensionalize the curved parts? Should I attach a file with all the coordinates, and a set of large scale print-outs of the freeform shapes? I'll attach some pictures for reference, any advice on how to do these technical drawings would be hugely appreciated!