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    Bug report. Available window resources are critically low.

    Alexander Kostadinov

      Hello, I would like to report a bug in Solidworks 2014 SP01. As you can see from the image that is attached my workstation is having a lot of ram left but still solidworks complain about not having enough system resoucess to open more windows. This is a problem I am experiencing after I upgraded to 2014. With Solidworks 2013 the problem was never encoutered. We have a macro for exporting all the SLDDRW files to PDF and DWG but the problem is not with the macro because it is opening a drawing, exporting it and then it closes the drawing. I believe that the document is kept somewhere in the memory and there is a maximum limit for the drawings that can be held in memory. In Solidworks 2013 there was no such limit or the limit was higher then the one that is set in the new version.


      I would like to know if there is a way to increase this number for the maximum documents held in the memory or is there a command which I can use in the macro to delete the documents that was being held in the memmory?