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Have 2012 std. want to upgrade to Pro. - keep 2012 compatability

Question asked by Rick McDonald on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by Rick McDonald

I have a dilemma that many others may have faced but I can't find anything in my searches that match.


My company has 6 seats of SW 2012 Standard.

We actually only use 2 actively and another just as a tool so that user can view our assemblies and measure wire routing distances to determine wire lengths to cut.

I would like to upgrade to Pro version for the 2 seats that are used for design.


With Pro we can create eDrawings that will allow the user of the seat that is just viewing and measuring to do what she needs with the eDrawings viewer and measure tool.


Problem is that since we are not getting any value out of the 3 seats that we are not using now it is difficult for me to justify to the check writers to upgrade 2 seats to SW Pro 2014 as drawings from those would become unreadable by anyone else that would want to fire up one of the unused seats and use it to work on the drawings (like if we get a new engineer and one of the seats would need to be used for them - but it is 2012 version.)


The questions are:

1) If I upgrade 2 seats to Pro, will it convert my current version of 2012 std. to Pro and let me use that, getting all the Pro features but keeping 2012 compatibility?

2) Since I will get the subscription and pay the reinstall fee (both required to do this upgrade)(currently we do not have active subscriptions), I will be able to upgrade to 2014 Pro version - can I install the full new 2014 Pro version and also have the 2012 Pro version on the same computer - using the same license I have now?


I have posed this question to my VAR and he thinks the upgrade to Pro will allow me to upgrade the 2012 version but he has no way to be sure or test it.


Has anyone out there gone through this.


Right now - being year end, there are special discounts available (1/2 price on reinstall cost and $200 off upgrade - for each seat) so I need to figure this out quickly.


I would love to just upgrade 2 seats to 2014 Pro and upgrade the other 4 just to version 2014 (keep std.) but that adds almost $1500 per unused seat just to maintain compatibility and that would never be approved.


Best case I can end up with 2 seats of Pro 2012 and also have it in 2014 version (on the same computer) and then the other seats can be updated to 2014 if and when needed for just the subscription and reinstall fee. 


Thanks, Rick