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    Cant cleanly uninstall solidworks

    Noam Yogev

      Hello All.


      I'm dealing with a solidworks installation/uninstallation problem, im so tired of this problem i dont know what else to do .


      I recently had a working solidworks 2013 on my computer, that worked fine for 30 days of the trial period, and after that I tried to uninstall it and re-install it.

      sounds stupid, i know, tho alot of time passed from the 1st initial use of the software to the point that i decided to use it again.


      Now, after this uninstall, everithing went wrong. NOTHING that i do works to cleanly and completely uninstall the software and reinstall it with a new serial, I have so many errors during uninstall.

      I followed 3 different documents explaining on how to clean remove solidworks, including :

      - do this procedure as a local admin

      - uninstalling from (add remove prog...)

      - deleting all the directories

      - deleting all registry keys


      nothins works, I cant trace the problem reading the logs, and Im fraustrated.


      please take a look at on the attachments.