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    installation issue

    Ralph Shillingburg

      when loading the 2013 version it states it will not install on a XP pc. My pc is windows 7 professional, and or can not obtain license for solidwork standard

      Whats up?

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          John Burrill

          That's unusual.  It sounds like you're trying to run the setup in compatibility mode or you're trying to install it in the Virtual PC, Windows XP Mode. 

          I don't have XP mode installed, so I can't tell if it can assert itself as the default installation environment. But it's probably worth a cursory look at your machine to figure out why.

          The alternative could be that this dialog box is showing up as part of another installation error.  I would look at the installation logs (on my machine they're in c:\USERS\<Account>.<Domain>\appdata\Roaming\SolidWorks\Installation Logs\) and make sure that's what caused the installation to error out.

          I'm not really sure I understand the issue you're having with licensing.  Licensing is a seperate deal from installation.  the installation wizard takes the serial number you entered (for this or a previous release) and checks your entitlement over the internet when you first launch the installer and then activates the license once you've completed the setup process.  , So, compatibility doesn't really factor into it.  If you're having a licensing issue, call your VAR (or have your IT manager call your VAR) and they should be able to straighten you out right away.

          If your problems persist, post a screen shot of the error message you're getting and we'll see if we can help you narrow down the cause.