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    Temporary Files Viewable

    Terry Kim

      Hi All,


      I have been having an odd problem ever since our company moved location.


      Every time I open an assembly, every single temporary file that is associated with every single file in the assembly is now visible in my explorer.

      For example, if I open an assembly that uses Part1, Part2, & Part3, I can now see three files in my explorer window named "~$Part1", "~$Part2", & "~$Part3".


      As far as I know about these types of files, they are temporary, and I have seen them before when working with, say, Word or Excel docs.  And they are hidden files.  But these temporary solidworks files are NOT hidden - I already have the option selected to not view hidden files.  I don' know what changed and why I'm seeing them.  Of course, they do disappear once I close the assembly.  But if I have an assembly with 100 parts open, that folder is now flooded with 100 temporary files that I can see.


      Does anyone know why this is happening all of a sudden?  Thanks in advance for any help.  I am using Windows 7 Pro.