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    Problems mating simple chain links

    Dave Instrell

      Chain Link Picture.JPGChain Link Picture2.JPG



      I'm trying to mate the 2 simple chain links shown in the above assembly but can't crate a contact mate between the 2 curved ends. I initially thought that a tangent mate would be possible, but I can't seem to do that. I've also tried creating sketches (shown in picture 2) and attempted to constrain the arcs, but to no avail. Does anybody have any ideas? I've attached the chain link models to play about with.


      Dave I.

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          Kelef Man

          Hei Dave, try the assy. att.,

          it's just with a distance mate and then patterned,

          if you want a flexible chain it's a bit more work,

          you would need to decide how you want to let the

          chain move and what degree of restriction (angles, twist, directions),

          but here's a start l hope- have a good'n kelef


          PS put the assy. file in the same folder as your

               link file and it uses your file link

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              Dave Instrell

              Hi there and thanks for the help. I figured out how to create a straight chain but couldn't work out how to accurately mate the Fixed bent link and floating link - the distance mate between centres is what I was after. I'm still trying to fathom out Solidworks as I've had no training whatsoever (and I mean zero) and I suppose my issues may seem a little trivial. Thanks again.