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Another Small PDM Deployment Question

Question asked by Ryan Senio on Dec 16, 2013

Hey everyone. I've been working with my reselller on a quote as well as what they would recommend on a small deployment.


We'll have 5 users total, 3 of them being remote (using the web interface until they are in a permanent office, at which point they will run a replacated vault)


Since I can run all the components on one server for the time being, my question is about the correct array configuration.


I've seen this thread


But I'm wondering about the SQL setup, as I have always run the SQL Logs, and the DB's on a seperate array. Do you think I need such a setup? For example...


All SAS 6gb/sec Drives

OS - Raid 1

SQL Logs - Raid 1

SQL DB's - Raid 5

Archive\Drawing Files Storage - Raid 5


Or would there be no performance difference with...

OS - Raid 1

SQL Logs and DB - Raid 5

Data Storage - Raid 5



Overkill for a small deployment like this? Currently we only have about 35GB of cad files, what should I plan for in terms of DB sizes?