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Help: Stop a ball (sphere) from overlapping another body surface

Question asked by Jason Ho on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by Stephen Bittner


I am trying to assembly a ball bearing. However, I am having trouble mating the ball surface to the raceway surface. I understand that sphere surface cannot be mated to a face directly. In order to constaint the position of ball, I mated a point of the ball surface to the outer raceway sketch line and another set to the inner raceway. Nevertheless, the ball would overlap the body surfaces when it moved since it is a tight fit assembly, and we all know that it is not physically possible for a solid ball overlapping another solid surface.


Note: Because an axial load will be apply to the outer race, I know that there should be only ONE contact point on tha ball for each raceway.



How do I stop the ball from overlapping another body surface (the outer and inner raceway in this case) because I cannot create a mesh due to the interference?