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Drawing/extruding on wing surface

Question asked by Auke Elsinga on Dec 15, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by Auke Elsinga

Hello Forum users!


I'm new here and I hope you've got answers/solutions to my question!

As you can see below, I drawn a wing (first picture) and I want to add rib tapes on it! (second picture)



Foto rib tape.jpg

First I tried it with "wrap" function but he doesn't see the surface as a face. (because I think, all sketches I used for the wing, are made out of spline lines)

I've also tried to insert it as a separate part (next picture):

Separate part.JPG

But not happy with result:

Detail rib tape.JPG

Someone suggestions, remarks, other ideas??


Thanks in advance!!