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    Solidworks uploads

    Anwara Godwin Ibe

      Can any one tell me how to transfer my solidsworks drawing to MS Word. Please, answers needed urgently.

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          Julio Cesar Silva

          I don't know much about MSWord, but why not save as pdf? or jpeg and insert into an .docx file?

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            James Lewis

            If you have Photoview 360, (Premium, Professional or Student Edition) you can run a final render then export as a .jpeg via the addins menu. If you don't have photoview either take a screenshot (press the print screen key, sometimes labled PrtSc or something similar) and paste into the document (It'll already be on your clipboard) or use the Screen capture tool (view > Screen Capture) and be able to take a video or a still image, which will also be saved to the clipboard.