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Question asked by Ray Cecil on Dec 13, 2013

Okay, before you think you know the answer to this one, I have checked "Link balloon text to specified item" in the drfawing view properties. Okay, I have three sheet metal items in a BOM that seem to be messing it up. When I place a fully indented BOM on my assembly print the sheet metal items show up as two line items. The 2nd line item being blank. So for instance if my first sheet metal part was line item #1, there will be a blank row below line item #1, and Solidworks sees the scond line as line item #2. When I balloon the part in the drawing view, the balloon being linked to "item number" always shows the 2nd blank line. So if I wanted my first part to be ballooned Item #1, I cannot make this happen because the balloons want to only "see" the second blank row #2. If I delete the row, or hide the row the BOM item numbers correct themselves on the BOM, but do not update the balloon. There will be a new item #2, such as another part, but the balloon on sheet metal part #1 still balloons the part #2 even though it is not item #2 in the BOM.


grrrr what gives?


FYI I cannot show you the drawing for proprietary reasons. I'm working with new firearm designs. Top secret kinda stuff.