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    Drawing View Extents Shrunk

    Michael Dyjach



      My drawing extents shrunk on some of my views.


      My drawing is of an assembly with 6 configurations.  I have an ISO view of each configuration.  After changing the description of each part, my baloons disappeared.  I cannot select most sketch lines with the baloon feature on most configurations, and these configurations also have smaller pink view extents.


      How can I get my views back to "normal".  They are all set to resolved, and the assembly seems to be fine.

      view 1.png

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          Jeff Holliday

          I had a similar issue last week with an exploded view of a cropped view. If I did a cntl-Q regen, the view would come back as desired (most, not all times) with parts of the view outside of the view perimeter markings. However, if I moved something, zoomed, or did almost anything, the view would get clipped off again. My VAR is trying to help. I am on SW2013 SP4.