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    Starting macro as Solidworks startup when dubbleclicking a file

    Rico Kunst

      Hello guys,


      To preform a check on our new drawings if our new sheet-format is used I made a macro with an event listener that checks at each safe action.

      The macro is running out of the box, so far no problem. However the eventlistener must be started at startup from Solidworks.

      To do that I tweaked the shortcut to Solidworks to execute Solidworks.exe with "/m" "path to macro". Still not a problem, its working fine.

      However the macro is not starting when Solidworks starts as result of dubbleclicking on a drawing/assemly/part-file. Then Solidworks starts without starting the eventlistner.

      To get it right I tried to modify the File Accociations from Windows8 to add "/m" "path to macro" as parameter to the Solidworks.exe. But the file accociation is executing swShellFileLauncher.exe and that is not reacting to the "/m" parameter.

      I even tried to change the file accociaton to Solidworks.exe but that is starting a new instance of Solidworks and give the error of 'Journal file could not be created'.


      Is there a way to get the macro starting when dubbleclicking on a Solidworks file?