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Is it possible to simulate a cantilever beam under vibration

Question asked by Cicero Lobo on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by Cicero Lobo

Hello guys,


I need to put a cantilever beam array under vibration on Solidworks.


Please find the screenshot of the part attached in this message.


So, I know where I have to put the fixtures, I know where I have to put the external loads. But, I do not know what type of external load I should use.


In the real world this part is going to be placed on a electromagnetic shaker and I'm going to measure the deflection in the end of the beam that is produced through the vibration. However, I want to estimate that using SolidWorks. I thought about using an external force like a senoidal force and I could set the frequency of this force, so, this would be like the vibration from the shaker.. what do you guys think about that?


Thank you!!!