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    Issue with SAVE AS .sldasm files into the vault

    Alexandra P. Spaulding



      We're having a randomly occuring issue with saving SW Assembly files into the vault.  This is what's been happening: after creating an assmebly and going through the SAVE AS process, my engineers have noticed that randomly not all of these files are actually being saved into the vault, rather they're existing in a hidden local state (which you only discover, after flipping the SEE ALL FILES in the Admin tools).  There doesn't seem to be any particular reason why some files SAVE AS just fine into the vault and some don't, however we currently only seem to be having this issue with .sldasm files.  We've managed to circumnavigate this issue two ways:  1 . by saving to the desktop, and then saving from there to the vault, 2. Dumb luck. With one occurance I tried SAVE AS 7 times, on the 8th time it worked fine.


      Can someone point me in the right direction?


      Thank you


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          Charley Saint



          This was a problem in EPDM 2012, I thought it was resolved but the SPR (646713) says it's still open. Here's the workaround from there (it's not terribly helpful):


          Workaround: Use "save" instead of "save as" when saving a new assembly or drawing. A dialog shows where you can select "do not save read-only documents" to avoid the extra warning dialogs showing up. New file will be added correctly. For files that ended up local, browse to the file in Explorer, right-click (RMB), Add to File Vault, reopen in SolidWorks and resave if needed. Note: Same proplem can happen if making assembly or drawing from files opened in older SW format.

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            Hector Baezs



            I manage the PDM for our company, and I have come across this same issue or a similar one.

            We do a save as and not all files are added into the vault.


            I found that in one of these occurrences, the assembly that is being saved had a component open in a different window, and when SolidWorks goes to save that assembly, it tries to save the component as well. If write capabilities are not allowed on the component then the assembly fails to save into the vault, and exists as a local file only.

            My solution to this issue is to close the component and attempt the re-save.

            If that fails, then save out of the vault and then back in.


            After this, the issue is usually solved for me.

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                Barrie Turner

                Thanks for confirmation of my initial findings.  Though I'm not about to test this I can confirm I saved-as and had the hidden files issue today, using PDM Pro 2018.  It seems I set myself up for failure by opening all the read only parts' save dialogues then dismissing them all individually.  The only way is to cancel the first save without opening the dialogues.  (Yes, I'm failing to make this clear, sorry.)


                (I ensure all our users have hidden files hidden after setting up new PCs, so even logging in as admin failed to find the files, for the simple reason they'd never entered the vault and thus weren't even in 'private state'.)