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.stl size issue

Question asked by Karl Penson on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by Salim Benyoucef

This should be a very simple process.

I have a simple model and would like to print it.

I need to convert it to .stl format.


Here is what happens.

The model units are inches.

I save the model in .stl format.

     I open the .stl drawing and save it as a part.

     I create an assemble out of the new and the original parts.

     The new part is humongous!

I delete the new files.

I open the original part, and save it as a copy and add test to the name.

I open the new test part, and change it's units to mm and save it.

I save it also save it in .stl format. I select options, and set the dimensions to mm prior to saving the file.

     I open the the the .stl file and save it as a SW part.

     I open the test part and create an assembly using the test part and the .stl part.

     The .stl part is humongous!


What am I doing wrong?