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    Info about software choice

    Dado Bojanic

      Greetings comunity, as you can see i am new here and i need some info about software choice.

      Let me explain my, lets say problem


      I am starting part manufacturing



      lets say i am making bearings. Bearing have next parts: Outer ring, inner ring, ball, shield, cage. Now, what i want to do is to add part numbers to those parts.

      When i make 3d models and drawings for each part and make assembly, that is finished product named Bearing 1. Then i want to make some kind of spreadsheet where i will store all part numbers from Bearing 1 for easy tracking of parts.

      Now i start to make bearing 2 but that bearing has same inner ring as bearing 1.I want easily to pull data from spreadsheet and insert into bearing 2.

      Bearing part sheet is huge and i want all to be nice and clean and easy to accsess. Is this possible with any software from Dassault systems?


      The reason why i ask is also related to SolidWorks because i had chance to work in trial and i fell in love in this program.Its so powerfull.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SolidWorks forums Dado.


          You should be able to achieve this via Design table. In case you want to automate the process i.e. create a new beating design based on the old design with some changes in dimensions, etc. please look into DriveWorksXpress (a free add-in with every SolidWorks seat).


          You might also find this post helpful for your future reference.