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Show intermediate revisions in EPDM Event history?

Question asked by maurice bellando on Dec 12, 2013
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I'm very new to EPDM workflow editing so be patient!


Our EPDM workflow revision scheme can be summarised as:

Released Part ->

Requires modification ->

Submit for Checking ->

Check OK and release  _OR_ fail check and go back to Requires modification


At each release the major revision goes up a letter e.g. A, B, C.

At each fail check the minor revision adds a number e.g. Bprov1, Bprov2, Bprov3 etc


I can see both  the minor and major revisions as they happen on the datacard, but the History table shows only the Major revisions, not the minor revisions (see attached screenshot). Can these minor revisions be included in the Event column? If so how do I do it?