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Doing a cut on multiple parts in an assembly <- feature request?

Question asked by Raymond McCormack on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Jeremiah Feist

At times I find it would be nice to be able to do a "cut" from a sketch on two parts in an assembly.


top level assembly - doing a cut on multiple parts.JPG

Here I have a 7 gage welded up box, the transparent part is a 14 gage cover.  It would be nice in the assembly to just sketch a circle on the 14 gage cover and do a cut through both of these parts for my screw.  I can see that this can be done in the assembly level, but the cut feature does not show in the part level.  Normally the way I would do this is to put a hole in one part, do the cut, then go edit the other part, do a sketch (maybe even convert entities) and then do a cut on that part.