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    Equation Driven Curves do not update upon rebuild

    Samuel Gilonis

      I am using equation driven curves to define the shape of an aerofoil (NACA 4-digit). I have used global variables in the equation that are linked to dimensions. Using this method I can change the aerofoil using the design table.


      Currently if I change the variables the curves do not update when the part rebuilds unless I open the equation driven curves and click on the green 'tick'. After that, all of the curves (there are four that constitute the aerofoil) update together.


      Is there a way to have the curves update automatically upon rebuild?

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          Matthew Hine

          I'm having exactly the same problem.  If you or somebody else here knows a solution, I'd be thrilled.  It's really tedious to have to go manually tell my dimensions to update after I've gone to the trouble of setting up a bunch of nicely-defined equations referencing global variables.  This is in SW 2014 by the way.


          Also, I wanted to note that this problem isn't just limited to equation-driven curves, but equation-driven dimensions of all kinds.  Anything I define in my model via an equation using a global variable refuses to update automatically.  It seems like any edit of any equation in the model will force an update of all other equations after it in the model tree.  I'm not sure why a standard regen shouldn't cause this to happen.  Is this a bug, or is there a reason for the behavior?  I'm finding that it also makes it very frustrating to set up models with multiple configurations based on global variables since changing the configuration (and thus the associated global variables) doesn't actually cause the model to update.

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            Charles More

            I had this same problem then realised there were some global variables being retained in the file, not related to my other equations, that weren't calculating. Deleting these allowed the remaining equations to be calculated upon rebuild.


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              Danny Danny

              I've also had the problem of not being able to make the equations made with global variations update the dimensions in my assembly.


              I found out that it worked if I edited the dimensions within the assembly (not the part) and assign the dimensions to my set global variables, instead of setting the equations in the global equations/component equations box. (For example, I have set the global variables: "v1 = 5mm" and "v2 = 2mm" in my global variables box. Then I click on a dimension in the assembly and in the dialog box say "="v1"+2*"v2"")

              Setting the dimensions in the equation box under 'component equations' seemed to give some problems and make the model not update to it.


              Hope this helps!