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Sorting part files in large assemblies

Question asked by Marc Hervouet-Botta on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by Marc Hervouet-Botta

Our latest 3d project was rather large assembly w an existing model from a client, and our own assemblies and sub assemblies.

. imported models ( in iges and sat format ) create quantities of part files with generic names .

Doing parts revisions also is complicated be cause of need to manage names without causing errors in assemblies that will look for the part

this process ended up with large folders with many part files in them , only some of which are needed in the lastest version

At this point, sorting all that would take too long ,

also at times when the project is eventually passed to somebody else, either for more 3d design or just search  , that person will have a hard time understanding whats in the folders and where to look ..;


interest in tips to make the sorting process more simple and efficient for future projects