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sheet metals--sheet width changes with every lots/projects

Question asked by Qinghai Jin on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by Qinghai Jin

we do tank models with sheets. sheet width changes with projects when it was shipped in. Given an example, for the 5-feet wide sheet, its measured actual width is 5 feet 5/16", as results, it leads around two inches difference between the built tank at shop and its values on drawing. it causes skid length is short and platform is short at tank top too.


in our SW library, all sizes/capacities of tanks are set in automatic way with the ideal sheet width for the model. so the overall tank length is presented with ideal length on drawing.


do you have any ideas or solutions to the problem?


My first thinking is


  1. to change its width one by one in our design tables. but it takes time to do it for  every project
  2. To set tolerance, but it doesn't show its right description on bom( the dimensions in description are linked with its model sizes)