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    Dispatch - Set variable from serial number

    Todd Becker

      I cannot figure out how to assign a serial number to a variable inside a dispatch script. I want the system to give me the next serial number. I have no problem doing this from the tasks.


      Here is what I am trying to accomplish:


      I have users that want to be able to create "Temp" or "Play" files inside the vault before assigning a serial number. They do this as they are doing concept work. That way they don't run up the serial numbers for parts that are not going to be used.  I figured ok fine, I'll just write a script to get the next serial number and rename the file to the new serial number. Wrong. That's where I am stuck. I can't find anything in the variable section to get from serial number.





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          Pete Yodis



               Could you make a workflow for the "Temp" or "Play" files and then add a workflow link out of that workflow into your more permanent one?  The serial numbers wouldn't have to be assigned in the "temp" or "play" workflow, but would get automatically assigned once they pass through the workflow link and into the more permanent workflow.  The serial numbers could be applied the way they always are in the permament workflow.