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New piping components

Discussion created by Alessandro Frattini on Dec 22, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2007 by Niall Redmond
Hello to all,
I'm attempting in recreating the library of flange, reductions, T and other in Italian language (Flange instead flange, etc.), moreover I'm trying to recreate the design table always given in Italian, with variables in Italian, etc.
But on creation of mine routeAssy, the flange that I insert gives the error that does not find configurations, nevertheless are present, than in the other options under, they are still present elbow although into the routing options point to the right folder, than tmy "tubo" it's not find because it look for "pipe" and not "tubo".
Therefore I asked myself if someone has blinked the head and he has understood which are the obligatory rules for the creation of one library in a different laguage from the english.


Sorry for my English