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    Mate refs. in assemblies.

    Jim Mitchell

      Can someone confirm for me an assumption?


      After some tinkering with mate references in assemblies I have come to the conclusion that they do not work in parallel braches of the assembly tree.


      For example I have two sub-assemblies in a blank main assembly (template with some mate refs to the planes pre-existing) that always go in the same place when building a new machine tool (front plane/top plane and right plane/top plane) and then everything else is mated to these two sub-assemblies (machine axes, base etc.). I haven't figured out how to get the first assembly to snap to mate references (always goes to fixed either where I click or at the origin) but I have figured out how to get the second one to auto-snap to the selected planes. After this I sort of expected to insert references to features across subs in parallel and have them snap to the subs already in the main (i.e. snap machine axis with bottom/side/bolt hole ref. to same refs. on headstock).


      I was under the assumption that we could treat our subassemblies like Legos and have them snap to each other when they are pulled into existence in the same main assembly with the properly named/matching mate refs. in each sub.

      I’m guessing this can’t be done?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I'm not sure I followed all of that, but as for your first sub-assembly, the first component inserted into an assembly is always Fixed.  You might try Ctrl+click on it in the tree and drag onto the graphics area to add another instance of the sub-assembly and see if that one will snap into place.  If so, then you could delete the first instance.  That will probably be quicker than floating the first one and re-mating it.

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            Jim Mitchell

            I'll see if I can clarify.


            Start new main assembly template with mate references to the main axes (planes).


            Insert C-axis(rotary) with mate references to World(main axes) and Z-Table(linear slide) into main. World references snap and create constraints.


            Insert A-Axis with mate references to World and X-Table into main. World refs. snap.


            Insert Z axis table with mate references to C-Axis and Tailstock into main. Z-Axis table snaps to pre existing C-Axis.


            Insert X axis table with mate references to A-Axis. X-Axis table snaps to pre existing A-Axis.


            ...and so on.


            The A-Axis and C-Axis should snap to the World planes but my problem here is that I thought I could pull off getting the latter two steps to snap as well. It seems the mate references work well going from Sub to Main but not at all from Sub to Sub.


            Or am I missing something?