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12x8 Container

Question asked by Robert Smith on Dec 10, 2013
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I'm kinda new to simulation, i have only done simple simulations on single beams before. I have just tried a container simulation and i was wondering if some very kind people on here wouldn't mind jut taking a look at the simultion and see if i have done anything wrong.


A couple of facts :

12ftx8ft Container with an internal payload of 10T, but it had to be suitable to 2.5x its payload, so 25T applied evenly to the floor sheet.


Much Appricate anyone that can take the time to have a look, im just needing someone to confirm if im right or wrong, and where im wrong. I know its alot to ask but i dont have anyone else to check my work.


also iv only been on here a couple of times, so if im in the wrong place, please let me no.


Thank you