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Can't move Sheet-Metal feature down, but others above.

Question asked by Karl R. Pettersen on Dec 10, 2013
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Not sure if this is a strictly Sheet-Metal question, so feel free to move.


I'm re-creating an assembly we often use, in a simplified form using multibody/multitype single part file. It consists of regular extrudes, weldments, and sheet metal parts - all in one. I also like to keep organized, as to putting parts into folders (in the design tree) and in a sequencial way. During the setup I moved the Sheet-Metal features (added last) to the top of the tree, in order to quickly do some rollback editing. When complete, I couldn't get that Sheet-Metal feature moved to the bottom of the hierarchy again, even if I turned off an accidental "Extrude Merge Result" that could have messed things up a bit.


I messed around for some time trying to figure out what was wrong. As all the sheet metal definitions was now at the bottom, there was no reason that I shouldn't be able to move the Sheet-Metal *feature* as well. By accident I grabbed the wrong part (extrude below the Sheet-Metal feature), and by accident I moved it in the wrong direction (up) - and that worked? What gives?


So, my question is: Why is it okay to move i.e. an Extrude feature above a Sheet-Metal feature, but not okay to move a Sheet-Metal feature below the Extrude feature? There should be no connection between the two. Lesson learned I guess, but I feel I must be missing something.