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Enterprise migration issue with "slow" and "fast" files

Question asked by Karen Brunke on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by Pete Yodis

We are currently using Fisher Unitech (VAR) to migrate our wPDM vault to Enterprise.  Our wPDM vault is very large at 300GB, and we have a 4GB external design library that we are also bringing into EPDM, so this isn't an easy migration.  We had a test migration that was nearly error free that ended on the Monday before Thanksgiving after 70 hours.  We started a "live" migration 2 days later, and everything ran at a snail's pace.  The wPDM migration (migration tool only available to VARs) hangs at 0%.  There was 1.5 weeks of data added to wPDM between the two migrations. We created a new vault with a vanilla setup, same result.  We tried individual years of data instead of the whole vault, same result.  There are some individual projects that we can get to import without error.  When we got down to individual files, it appears that the add/checkin process is taking anywhere from 3 seconds to 300 seconds per file.  Some are very fast, and others are extremely slow.  Does that mean anything to anyone?.  The VAR is working with a representative from Solidworks, but it has been a week, and we still don't have a path forward. Fisher represents a lot of people, but there are many more represented here.  I wanted to throw it out to the forum to see if anyone has seen this type of behavior, or might have some recommendations to shove us off top-dead-center.