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    One Click at a Time...

    Don Van Zile

      I would like to start a discussion where there are areas in which you just wish we would remember the last used setting, checkbox, input etc… Or just change the default in general. Last but certainly not least a “Don’t ask me again” addition to dialogs.  I don’t want to limit any suggestions to just these types/scenarios but if you feel it’s relevant please don’t hesitate to post.


      Here are a few examples that can be found in SW 2014 that don’t necessarily make the “What’s New” but I feel are important to know about.


      The Knit Gap control checkbox

      Knit -Gap Control.png


      "Don't show me again" when copying single bodies and surfaces.

      Don't Ask me Again.png


      The default for certain holes is "Through All" rather than Blind and is remembered.


      Holes - Through All.png


      Common sheet metal setting in Edge Flange

      Sheet Metal.png


      Thanks for any and all suggestions.