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    how many layers using in solidworks

    Justin John

      HI All....any one can tel me ..hw many layers we are using in solidworks

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          Lukasz Siwiec


          Welcome to SolidWorks Forum Justin.

          What do you mean layers in the SolidWorks?

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Hello Justin, and welcome to the forum.  I'm also puzzled about your question.  Layers are available for use in SW Drawings, and you can add them as needed.  They aren't available in Parts or Assemblies.  Does that answer your question?

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              Kelvin Lamport

              How many layers are you wanting to use?


              Quoted from http://help.solidworks.com/2013/English/SolidWorks/Sldworks/HIDD_Layers.htm

              Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create as many layers as necessary.

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                Glenn Schroeder

                If you're taking a survey, I use 3.


                1.  Black (for notes not attached to a drawing view, such as notes at the bottom of the sheet and title block notes.

                2.  Gray  (dark gray, for dimensions, notes, to make it easier to differentiate between annotations and model edges.

                3.  Hidden (weird green color, stays turned off, for sketch elements that I may need but don't want to show)

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                  Deepak Gupta

                  Not sure what you mean OR why you posted the same question twice: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/398536#398536


                  I'm not sure about the upper limit on the number of layers but I just tested for creating around 500 layers in a drawing.

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                    Justin John

                    Hi all....thanks for your replay...

                        sorry for this ..i dont no exactly ..what i meen here..because this is a interview question ..i attened a interview there thay asked this question.....but i think Deepak gupta answer is nearly correct because thay told above 400 ...but i dont no wat thay mentioned (part,assy,Drawing)..so only i asked here.....

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                        John Burrill

                        It sounds like you interviewed with someone who was stuck in the old days of CAD administration, when layers were used to define symbology, compose views and reduce regeneration times.  It was particularly important for 2D CAD  to make extensive use of layers, otherwise your screen would be so full of overlapping graphics that you wouldn't be able to make sense of it.  It was common practice to have sets of functional layers that you used to create and edit CAD drawings and to have standards governing which layers were visible when you plotted the drawing and which layers certain annotation types went on. 

                        Over the last two decads, a number of technologies have supplanted the roles once held by layers-the most notable being solid modelling rendering layers as ineffective for visualizing complex scenese. Layers were redundant to organizational tools such external references, design libraries, subassemblies and document tags.  They're also difficult to standardize, enforce and maintain and they weren't suitable for multiple paradigms.  For example, if you had a layer called Piping and a layer called Exterior, on what layer do you put a stand-pipe?  By the time Autodesk started making specialized architectural and mechanical tools, the list of layers they generated ranged into the hundreds.  It got to the bpoint that applications had to add filters, groups, schemes, display states and automatic toggles to automate working with a list of layers that was pages long and somewhat cryptic.  In Architectural Desktop, the one interface you didn't want to have to desl with was the unfiltered layer dialog.

                        So they're still available in drawings in SolidWorks but in a very simplified way.  Layers control symbology and visibility of drawing elements.  After 19 releases, SolidWorks still doesn't have a sorted layer list and the tools for working with layers aren't even on the level of AutoCAD 2000, so I would use them for convenience only and not try ascribe too much meaning to them.

                        I use 7 layers:

                        construction-for stuff I don't want to print, like the paper size or dimensions that locate section lines

                        annotation: to have the notes a slightly different color from the model geometry and dimensions

                        dimensions: to have the dimensions in a different color from the model

                        Format-for view labels and tables, just so it doesn't wind up on a layer with fruity coloring

                        reference geometry-projection lines, witness lines, center marks, center lines.

                        duplicate dims: when I have to replace a model dim with a drawing dim (like replacing a dimension with a hole callout), I put the model dimension on this layer so that when I do an "insert model items" it doesn' re-import those dimensions.  I only use this layer if there are too many dimensions to manage with the hide/show tool.

                        0: if sketch geometry needs to be treated like object lines, then I'll put it on layer 0.  I use this for wiring diagrams

                        I'll add layers on occasion, but not often.

                        I definately wouldn't use 400+ layers in SolidWorks.

                        Final thought: I miss layers.  I wish I could assign assembly components to them.

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                        Justin John

                        But ..i have been attened this interview in 2009 but till now i didnt get this exact answer ...please help me ...

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                          Mike Agan

                          Zero or default. Unless converting Autocad, what is the need?

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                            Steven Smith

                            Did you know AutoCAD can produce upto 450,000 layers.

                            I know of someone who set up a .lisp to test it. It had to be stopped because it was eating up to much memory and became sluggish.


                            Whilst I don't use layers in SW, I don't really see a requirement for anymore than a handfull.