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    SolidWorks Empty Screen, Windows 8.1 Bootcamp

    Will Tucker

      Hi all!


      This is my first post here, so I apologize beforehand for any faux pas. I am running the following configuration:

      • System:   15" Macbook Pro Retina 2013, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA graphics card
      • OS:          Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, running on Bootcamp, 100GB partition
      • SW:         SolidWorks Education Edition 2013-2014 SP5.0, server license


      I installed the software about two months ago and all was working well. Then about a week ago, I started having an issue where the actual workspace window is not visible. The toolbars at the top and the bottom are visible and active still. When I hover over the icon in the Windows start bar, a preview pops up and that does show the workspace window. The workspace, although transparent, is still there, as I cannot click anything on the desktop behind the empty pane.


      I have tried rebooting, reinstalling SW SP3.0, re-upgrading to SP5.0 and searching the web. Any ideas for troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated!




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          Jerry Steiger



          You might want to move this question to the Administration forum, as you are more likely to get an answer there. I would check to see if you are running the approved driver for your graphics card. Perhaps a Windows update messed something up?


          Jerry S.

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            Jared Conway

            shut down solidworks

            start it up

            no files open

            tools > options > systems options > performance > software opengl


            see if the problem goes away


            you're using an unsupported graphics card on an unsupported operating system for that version on an unsupported platform, you'll probably have some bumps. and more as 8.1 and drivers get updated for 8.1. like jerry said, most likely a windows update or similar got installed and caused your problem. updating everything may fix it. but the test above will at least confirm if it is graphics related or not. if it does fix it, update the graphics card driver and hope for the best. if it doesn't, i'd try restting your solidworks settings. if that doesn't fix it, i'd go for a repair and then finally a hailmary uninstall/reinstall.


            if you're going to stay on this version for awhile, i'd go back to win 7 to get yourself at least on a supported OS for the version that you're running. but the rest will still cause you problems most likely.

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              Jeff Mirisola

              This is, more than likely, a graphics issue. The biggest problem with using unapproved graphics (the GeForce that came with your Macbook) with SolidWorks is how fickle it can be, as you're seeing now. You might try different drivers, but no guarantees.