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Replace Component messes up drawing bom.

Question asked by robert dattilo on Dec 9, 2013
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         I had a part H00701, as I did work on it, I renamed it H00701-X, & put it in it's own folder. This part was realeased in itself. I also had a series of assemblies where this part was used. When the new version was released, I removed the X. The assemblies are looking for the file with the x extension, but I guide them to the right part. Then in the boms in the drawing they throw the new no. at the end of the bom, delete the old no., including the detail balloon. Why is it doing this? They're missing the intent. Then you have to go through all the drawings, & the boms, & balloons, & check everthing again. Why doesn't it just replace the part, & adjust the bom accordingly?

      Is there a setting or something, for this?


Thanks, for any input in advance.


Rob_D SW 2013 Sp3