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    Scale, plotting, etc

    Bjenk 8100 Jenkins



      I have been floating around here somewhat and have a pretty standard question.  I can make parts and mate them in assemblies and stuff.  I usually learn a new thing everyday still which I like but I would like some leadership and/or adive before I go trying this again.  I am newb to drawings.  I need to plot stuff to scale.  I will start with 11x8.5" for testing purposes because I do not have a plotter at my house.  However, I am starting a new gig where standard is Arch D and above.  I am a pro with this with autocad but dont know crap with solidworks.  I have printed stuff on 11x8.5 or 8.5x11 for the anal ones out there and didnt have a problem if things things were within that size.  In autocad I change scales to fit pages and everything is great I just change scale on the title block and everyone is cool.  What do we do in solidworks???  Help would be greatly appreciated.