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eDrawings 2014 - Unhandled parsing exception

Question asked by Jean-Philippe Duvillard on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Alan Sweetenham



We have a few stations with Solidworks Premium + EPDM and many stations using eDrawings + EPDM.


Everything including Solidworks, eDrawings and EPDM were updated from 2013 SP4 to 2014 SP1 last week.


Since the upgrade, all the stations running eDrawings are unable to read new drawings generated by Solidworks 2014 and come up with the "Unhandled parsing exception. Please report fault".


On the other hand, eDrawings can still open all the old drawings generated with Solidworks 2013 SP4 without any problem.


Note that eDrawings is installed as part of EPDM, so I have tried to download the latest standalone version of eDrawings and update it that way, but same result.


Has anyone come across this problem before and found a way around it?


Many thanks