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    how do you change this direction?

    Eunsu Chang

      Hi, i am a new user to Solidworks and

      my question is

      how do you change the direction of the red arrow (orientation points)? so it no longer sitting flat against the Top plane

      I wanna make it sit 90 degrees to the plane so i can draw a vertical line.

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          Deepak Gupta

          If you making a 3d sketch then pressing TAB key will the direction.


          If you're doing it in 2d sketch then you need to start a new sketch for creating that vertical line.

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            Lenny Bucholz

            To add to Kelvin's comment,


            First form the help file:

            • The sketch origin Origin_Sketch.gif is displayed in red in an open sketch. Use the sketch origin to help you understand the coordinates of the sketch.

              Every sketch in the part has its own origin, so there usually are multiple sketch origins in a part. When a sketch is open, you cannot turn off the display of its origin.



            So the long red arrow is always the VERTICAL direction and the short one is always HORIZONTAL even if they are pointed is a different direction, so you either need to start on the plane\flat face that has the arrows i the direction you need them or create a plane that does.


            think of the sketches as a sheet of 8.5" X 11" letter paper in a portait view, VERTICAL is always the 11", so if you need your sketch to go up from the top plane you would sketch on the front plane, the long red arrow (VERTICAL) is up or perpendicular to the top plane.