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    Macro for saving after completion of calculation

    Florian Szasz

      Hi everyone,


      I´ve a question reagrding simulations.

      Has someone else recognized the problem of a crashed system after the completion of a simulation? I sometimes let the PC run over night and calculate simulations and the next morning I save se result. Sometimes saving fails and the results are lost afaik (at least I don´t know where possible results shall be saved).

      Now I imagine a macro that saves the whole model as soon as the calculation has finished. Has someone something similar already?

      It would be nice to see something to copy from as a base macro.


      Kind Regards


        • Re: Macro for saving after completion of calculation
          Jared Conway

          If saving the next day fails, how will a macro help? It will just be automating the save process. The time between solve completion and when you save should have no impact. Unless maybe your computer has a problem?


          I'd suggest checking if this happens on another computer first.


          In our consulting business we have a lot of solutions that run overnight with no problems saving the next day. With 2014 sp0.0, I'm actually pretty sure if the file doesn't get saved, my results are still there.