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    Solidworks 2013 Smart Components

    Jochem Devaere

      Hello guys


      I'm student who uses SolidWorks.


      I hope you guys can help me out with this.


      I've got a question about the Smart Components in Solidworks..

      Is it possible to make a Smart Component from this part?


      So this is result when I insert the Component:


      Right now I first make the hole (Library Feature), after that I make an assembly and so on... this takes too much time.


      I hope you have an answer to this question.


      Thank you already


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          Lukasz Siwiec


          Welcom to SolidWorks Forum Jochem.

          I must have two parts in the assembly. Use mate to put one part on the plane second part. Then you must edit this plane in the context and and feature cut extrude use convert etnies and extrude to the surface. Save the parts.

          Then you go to Tools->Make Smart Component, select this circle part, in the feature select feature which was create in the context. Click OK. Save all part and you have Smart Component.