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Improving a Form Tool

Question asked by James Gray on Dec 8, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2013 by Kelvin Lamport

Hi, I'm trying to replicate a fan grill by using the sheet metal function and a form tool...


After taking some advice from a previous post ( ), I have eventually managed to create something that works (mostly).


The problem is that the sheet metal is supposed to be perforated - so the form tool has had to have the pattern for the perforation on it - this works on the main domed part and the roll over edge, but where they meet the flat sheet metal, it looks like it is creating a 'double cut' (for want of a better explanation); where the base sheet metal has a vertical cut to the perforation, but the formed metal has a cut on its angle - so there are two edges which do not align. - a picture may explain better: (included in the zip if you don't want to go to an external link).

I have tried manipulating the sheet metal & if there is no metal below the form, the edge appears to form correctly ('Part 10' in the zip shows this)

I do have an idea or two for a work around, but I would prefer to gain advice here before going that route.


I have already tied altering the height of the perforation pattern to be the same height as the sheet metal (0.5mm, instead of 2mm) - did not appear to help. I have also tried removing the pattern (hexagons on the base sheet metal) from the central section (where the form sits) - again, this did not appear to help).


The zip is right on the size limit... sorry.


Form Tool Assembly - Because the form tool has 3 curved surfaces to it, I had to create it in 3 parts and then combine them together.

Form Tool A - The afore mentioned assembly, but with the external references removed and turned into a useable form tool.

120mm Grill (Domed 1) - The grill as it stands. Mostly happy with it... just this issue around some of the edges.

Part 10 - A rough experiment to see what would happen if the form did not meet the base sheet metal in all places... the issue is not apparent in these places.

The picture linked above.


Any advice on how I can improve the form / fix this issue is appreciated.

Thank you